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    gloveglu academy goalkeeper coaching


    About gloveglu academy

    gloveglu academy combines one of the most innovative goalkeeper brands in the World, with World-Class Goalkeeper coaching & development.

    We give goalkeepers access to one of the best coaches in the game, as well as access to the latest goalkeeping products & innovation.

    The aim is simply to help you become a better goalkeeper. What that means is giving you the tools to get as far as possible as you wish to go in the game. That doesn’t stop at goalkeeper training and drills. gloveglu academy provides education, character building, professional insight, psychological advice and everything you need to reach your goals. 

    If you're interested in improving your goalkeeping, confidence and mentality, have a look at some of our available camps, coaching sessions or online workshops, or sign up to our Goalkeeping newsletter

    Goalkeeper Camps

    Camps to help you reach your goals

    All camps cover multiple aspects of goalkeeping, feature insight from current professional goalkeepers, and help build character. Our elite camps also focus on goal-setting and career advice, as well as providing an online support network and potential trial route.

    gloveglu goalkeeper camps
    gloveglu goalkeeper coaching

    Goalkeeper Coaching

    Group Sessions & 1-1 or 2-1 Sessions 

    Weekly Goalkeeper coaching sessions available for all ages & abilities. 

    All sessions run by academy Director Martin Brennan


    Online Workshops

    Valuable video tips from Martin Brennan

    Add to your training with online video workshops with academy Director Martin Brennan. 

    With heaps of experience in the professional game and years of goalkeeper coaching, Martin can help you become a better goalkeeper with online sessions to compliment your training. There's also availability for bespoke GK coaching to reach your specific goals.

    Martin Brennan coaching tips
    Roy Carroll gloveglu Ambassador

    gloveglu academy Newsletter

    The Ultimate Goalkeeping Newsletter

    Get a Goalkeeper-Specific Recipe book, insight from professional goalkeepers, and goalkeeper video tips from Martin Brennan, every month!!

    PLUS, be the first to know about new camp dates and coaching sessions, and get special offers on gloveglu products.