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    This is the most epic countdown out there, and the best of gloveglu and GG:LAB jammed into a box.
    12 gifts across 12 days.
    Packed with 9 of our top sellers and 3 exclusive items that you can only get your hands on in this Gift Box.
    Just open the numbered window every day for the 12 days of Christmas and enjoy!

    At £74.99, including delivery (UK) its a deal that you might even want to open before Christmas!

    For those who can't wait to find out, here's a sneak preview of the contents of the gloveglu '12 Days of Christmas' this year.....


    on the 1st day of christmas

    The spray that started it all. Keep your gloves grippy with the original gloveglu product.

    on the 2nd day of christmas

    An exclusive product only available in the '12 Days of Christmas' Gift Box!

    on the 3rd day of christmas

    Keep your gloves clean and increase their longevity with a mini bottle of our best selling glove cleaning product!

    on the 4th day of christmas

    Our packable Microfibre Towel is the perfect towel for drying gloves before or during games.

    on the 5th day of christmas

    You'll find the ideal lightweight kitbag to carry your boots, or everything in this Gift Box!

    on the 6th day of christmas

    Aquagrip provides great grip on gloves in wet conditions. This mini bottle is perfect to have on hand this winter.

    on the 7th day of christmas

    Keep your hands clean off the pitch with our hand sanitiser!

    on the 8th day of christmas

    Our gentle sponge is developed for use on gloves and football boots - keep them clean without scratching. 

    on the 9th day of christmas

    Stop your gloves smelling by spraying our glovefresh inside your gloves. It's as easy as that!

    on the 10th day of christmas

    Our react ball is great for training your reflexes and can be used anywhere. 

    on the 11th day of christmas

    Our strongest grip - MEGAGRIP provides the ultimate grip for reviving any goalkeeper glove.

    on the 12th day of christmas

    Another exclusive gloveglu product! Use our powerbank to keep your devices charged up on the go.

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