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    gloveglu Goalkeepers

    We're proud to support goalkeepers from Amatuer to professional level. We're fortunate to work with a group of fantastic professional goalkeepers in the Mens & Womens game. Take a look at our sponsored athletes below 


    Anders Kristiansen

    Sarpsborg 08

    @goalieonadventure on social media!

    Glove of Choice - t:RANCE MEGAgrip or s:PIRIT gloveglu Original

    GOA x gloveglu products

    Roy Carroll

    Brand Ambassador - Former Man Utd & Northern Ireland

    Roy Carroll

    Lydia Williams


    Glove of Choice: i:NTRON White FP or t:RANCE MEGAgrip

    Michael McGovern

    Hearts & Northern Ireland

    Glove of Choice: i:NTRON White FP

    Michael McGovern
    Jackie Burns

    Jackie Burns

    Reading & Northern Ireland

    Glove of Choice: i:NTRON White FP

    James Holden

    Cambridge Utd

    Glove of Choice: s:PIRIT gloveglu Original

    Matt Gould

    Matt Gould

    Altrincham & New Zealand

    Glove of Choice: i:NTRON White FP

    Lewis Ward

    Charlton Athletic

    Glove of Choice: i:NTRON White FP or s:PIRIT gloveglu Original

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    Alex Brain.jpg__PID:4cfb300a-4c9b-4276-82fb-2757e99a0239

    Alex Brain

    Rugby Borough U13s & Triumph Athletic U14s

    Alex has earned a reputation as one of the best local keepers in his age group. An aggressive style of goalkeeper with his strongest attributes being bravery and handling. 

    You can follow Alex on Instagram @alexingoal

    Glove of choice: t:RANCE Megagrip

    Mia Sharp

    Portsmouth ITC girls and Stoneham AFC

    Mia has been selected to train in one of the Future Lionesses goalkeeper centres as part of the future Lionesses pathway. Mia is known for her shot-stopping & distribution, racking up 8 assists this season.

    Glove of choice: t:RANCE Megagrip