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    WIN a Professional Glove Sponsorship Deal with gloveglu!

    Win a glove deal

    How to Enter

    Simply fill in the application form below

    You'll get £5 STORE CREDIT Just for applying!!

    What's included in the Glove Sponsorship Deal?

    gloveglu glove care guide

    Supply of new gloves for a whole year

    Being a gloveglu Goalkeeper means we'll supply you with new gloves throughout the year! 

    We'll send you a brand new pair of gloves of your choice every 3 months!

    This means we'll send you 4 pairs of gloves in 2024, so you'll always have great gloves to help you reach your goals next year. 

    We'll also throw in some free glove care to help you look after them! 

    Goalkeeper glove guide

    Invite to gloveglu Media Days

    We reguarly get content from our gloveglu Goalkeepers which we can put on our website and social media!

    As a gloveglu Goalkeeper, you'd be invited along to either model a new pair of gloves, or help us make some social media videos! 

    We'll also welcome you to send us videos and images of you playing in goal for your club!

    gloveglu size guide

    Part of the gloveglu Goalkeeper Community

    You'll be treated the same as our pro goalkeepers! That means we'll check in with you to see how you're getting on. We'll give you early access to products and ask your opinion on them, and we'll help you with your career in any way we can!

    Who can enter?

    Applications are open to any amateur goalkeeper! There are no age limits, just as long as you aren't already a pro!

    How will the winner be decided?

    We want any goalkeeper to have the chance to win, so we'll decide the ultimate winner with a random draw!

    The winner will be announced on 20th December 2023

    We'll email you if you win!