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    Goalkeeper Fitness Session (difficult)

    Here's a great fitness session courtesy of

    More thoughts on nutrition for keepers

    Today’s goalkeeper needs to be a super hero – speed, strength, courage, energy, reflexes, coordination, agility, skill, decisiveness, and determination. It’s no longer the fat person who gets put in goal just because they take up the most space.

    Nutrition Considerations For Goalkeepers

    Goalkeepers represent a unique position in football that often demonstrates distinct physical demands when compared to outfield players. 

    Goalkeeper Nutrition Before and After Matches/Training

    As a Goalkeeper, you need to have lots of energy to maintain a high performance. Before training, you should consume a meal containing lots of complex carbohydrates.


    How to wash you goalkeeper gloves

    If you’ve found yourself here, the chances are you’ve just played a tough game of football and your gloves are in need of a good clean. Well… you’ve come to the right place.


    gloveglu & We Love Football Academy

    Throughout 2020, and beyond, gloveglu will support We Love Football Academy (WLFA) as its charity partner of choice.

    Paul Sherratt meets Alone + Insane

    A few weeks ago, our CEO Paul Sherratt had the pleasure of meeting Eugenio Monroy host of the much-acclaimed Alone + Insane podcast

    How it all began (PART 2)

    Ok. So, as is often the case, the idea is the easy bit. The next step was to develop the product. Luckily I had a contact, and after a few weeks the first sample arrived.

    How it all began (PART 1)

    I’ve worked with many brands over the years – big and small – and established sales and marketing strategies across a wide spectrum of sporting goods products within the UK & Ireland.