Europa MEGAgrip System Pouch
Europa MEGAgrip Glove Care System
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Europa MEGAgrip Glove Care System

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The ultimate bundle for reviving your gloves.

This bundle is perfect for goalkeepers who want to revive & improve their existing gloves. The MEGAgrip Glove Care System is a long-lasting solution meaning you can extend the life of your goalkeeper gloves.

Our 3-Step System - Wash, Refresh, Revive ensures your gloves perform better & last longer.


- Premium Glove Wash & Prepare (120ml) - Removes dirt from the latex area of goalkeeping gloves using the exclusive DirTECH formula, lifting dirt particles away from the surface, improving the performance of the gloves and a providing a longer glove life.

- glovefresh (120ml) - Keep your gloves smelling fresh & odour free with our unique antibacterial formula. Unlike a perfume based spray that simply masks a smell, glovefresh works directly on the odour producing bacteria, eliminating them and the unpleasant smell.

- gloveglu MEGAgrip (120ml) - Revive your gloves with MEGAgrip. 25% stronger than gloveglu Original, MEGAgrip is designed for older, more worn gloves. Our formula enhances the grip of any goalkeeper gloves. 

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How to use the 3-Step System

The Glove Care System every glove needs

How to use the 3-Step System

The Glove Care System every glove needs

Why the 3-Step System?

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When: After every use

Wash your gloves to remove dirt from the latex palm. Dried dirt will crack your latex and makes your gloves look worn very quickly. Don't say we didn't warn you!


When: After every use

It's super easy! Just spray inside each glove 3 times and our unique formula kills the odour producing bacteria. If you've ever smelt a used football glove, you'll appreciate glovefresh!


When: Before each game. Reapply as needed

Wouldn't it be great if gloves stayed grippy forever!? They can with a few sprays of gloveglu before play

Keepers using gloveglu


For me it's simple. If you can get a small advantage from a product as a goalkeeper, you have to use it

Anders Kristiansen



gloveglu gives me the added confidence you often need as a goalkeeper

Lydia Williams



A bit of gloveglu on my match gloves and I'm ready to go

Jackie Burns

Reading FC


Being able to revive my favourite gloves instead of replacing them is the best feeling

Jake (The Sunday League GK)


Featured in: Premier League

Michael McGovern

Ex Norwich City

Featured in: FA Cup

Lucas Covolan

Maidstone FC

What's the difference?

Grip spray comparison

Glove Care FAQs

Yes! gloveglu is authorised for use across football and soccer globally.

We think it actually makes the game more fair, as it levels the playing field for goalkeepers who can't replace their gloves every week or have access to the most elite gloves.

The average is 3 months before a goalkeeper buys a new pair of gloves.

But we disagree with this!

We think gloves can, and should, last a full season! And if you love them and they're still grippy, even longer!

The only way this is possible is with proper glove care.

It really helps if you wash them after every use. Even if it's just with water, just rinse off the dirt! Trust us, it's worth the 2 minutes it takes as your gloves will last so much longer

It varies on conditions, but most Keepers find the grip effect lasts at least 45 minutes.

Re-applying at half-time should give you 90 minutes of excellent grip.

For longer lasting grip, allow the spray to soak into the latex for 5-10 minutes before using.

A full bottle lasts 3-4 months for most keepers

No. This is a common misconception of gloveglu.

gloveglu is developed specifically for latex and is water-based. It hydrates latex as well as adding grip.

Gloves dry out and get damaged when they aren't washed regularly. Dirt gets into latex easily, and you'll attract more dirt with grippier gloves, which is why some people may blame gloveglu for damaged gloves.

It's vital that you wash this dirt off after play. Otherwise, the dirt dries deep into the latex and causes cracks.

gloveglu works on any latex glove. Latex is the traditional material used for goalkeeper glove palms of any brand.

No matter your preferred glove brand, gloveglu will make it grippier and better.

We're always innovating & striving to make better glove care products.

We invented the original grip spray. Since then, we've been listening to your feedback, testing & researching.

We found something that made it better. Just a small change, but now it's grippier, longer lasting, & even kinder to latex.