gloveglu FAQ's

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gloveglu FAQ's

How to choose your grip spray:

gloveglu Original:
For newer, undamaged gloves
Adds subtle grip
Perfect for match gloves

gloveglu MEGAgrip:
For older, damaged gloves
Maximum grip
25% stronger than Original

gloveglu AQUAgrip:
Enhanced grip in wet conditions
Also works in dry
More waterproof formula

Yes! gloveglu is authorised for use across football and soccer globally.

We think it actually makes the game more fair, as it levels the playing field for goalkeepers who can't replace their gloves every week or have access to the most elite gloves.

No. This is a common misconception of gloveglu.

gloveglu is developed specifically for latex and is water-based. It hydrates latex as well as adding grip.

Gloves dry out and get damaged when they aren't washed regularly. Dirt gets into latex easily, and you'll attract more dirt with grippier gloves, which is why some people may blame gloveglu for damaged gloves.

It's vital that you wash this dirt off after play. Otherwise, the dirt dries deep into the latex and causes cracks.

It varies on conditions, but most Keepers find the grip effect lasts at least 45 minutes.

Re-applying at half-time should give you 90 minutes of excellent grip.

For longer lasting grip, allow the spray to soak into the latex for 5-10 minutes before using.

A full bottle lasts 3-4 months for most keepers

We're always innovating & striving to make better glove care products.

We invented the original grip spray. Since then, we've been listening to your feedback, testing & researching.

We found something that made it better. Just a small change, but now it's grippierlonger lasting, & even kinder to latex.

Do the best Keepers in the World use gloveglu? Truth is, probably not. Why? Because they wear a new pair of gloves every single game!

gloveglu gives you that elite goalkeeper feeling every game you play, even with older, cheaper gloves.

gloveglu has still been used in World Cups, European Championships, The EFL, WSL, FA Cup, and across major European Leagues.

gloveglu was made for Keepers lower down the leagues and amateur keepers. Those with unlimited glove sponsorships don't really need to care for their gloves!

General Glove Care FAQ's

The average is 3 months before a goalkeeper buys a new pair of gloves.

But we disagree with this!

We think gloves can, and should, last a full season! And if you love them and they're still grippy, even longer!

The only way this is possible is with proper glove care.

It really helps if you wash them after every use. Even if it's just with water, just rinse off the dirt! Trust us, it's worth the 2 minutes it takes as your gloves will last so much longer

gloveglu works on any latex glove. Latex is the traditional material used for goalkeeper glove palms of any brand.

No matter your preferred glove brand, gloveglu will make it grippier and better.

Ideally, after every time you use them.

But don't worry, you can do it quickly. Our Keep 'em Clean Foama applies directly as a foam, so you don't have to completely soak the glove if you only need a quick wash. Just rub into the palm and rinse.

Using a SOFT sponge like ours helps remove more stubborn dirt. Some keepers prefer to use their hands to work out the dirt or rub the gloves together. These methods are also absolutely fine. The most important thing is that you DO wash them!

Up to you!

Some keepers like to wear the gloves whilst washing them. That's fine too. Just remember to wash the insides as well.

Be conscious of water use. If you're having a shower anyway, it might be a good idea to take the gloves in with you! Or fill a sink/tub with water like we do in our tutorials. Using running water from a tap is probably the least efficient, so avoid this if you can!

Glove Wash & Prepare provides a deeper clean to goalkeeper glove latex

Keep 'em Clean Foama is great for a quick wash with less water. Plus it can be used on boots too, so you can wash both together!

Goalkeeper Gloves

gloveglu Original - Our basic palm which is super durable

MEGAgrip - Next level grip

AQUAgrip - Next level grip, even better at handling wet conditions

MEGAgrip+ - The ultimate palm, our grippiest ever technology

gloveglu Silicone - Non-latex for incredible dry weather grip. Indestructible palm for indoor & artificial grass & unique designs thanks to the silicone material

Read more about our Palm Technologies

gloveglu gloves fit True to Size

If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up

Also note that Finger Protection gloves and Hybrid Cut gloves have a slightly tighter fit than other goalkeeper gloves.

Find our Size Guide Here

Negative Cut - Closer feel, snug and tight fit around the fingers

Roll Finger Cut - Rounded fingers for more ball-latex contact

Hybrid Cut - The best combination of both, negative fingers with rolled fingertips

Read more about gloveglu Glove Cuts

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