Boost Your Grip.

The Original Goalkeeper Grip Spray

The 3-Step System

Goalkeeper Gloves are the most fragile & disposable pieces of kit in football.

Expensive gloves don't last as long as they should. Cheap gloves just aren't grippy. Herein lies the glove problem.

gloveglu invented Glove Care to solve this problem. Wash them. Refresh them. Revive the grip. Gloves last longer. Gloves perform better

Glove Care System (3x120ml) Glove Care Essentials (3x50ml) MEGAgrip Glove Care System Europa MEGAgrip Glove Care System

🟡 Wash | 🔵 Refresh | 🟢 Revive

Glove Care Starter Packs

The 3-Step System in a handy bundle pack. Everything you need for your gloves.

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As a professional goalkeeper, if you can gain any slight advantage from a product, it's simple.

Anders Kristiansen



The ability to REVIVE old gloves that have lost grip is incredible. It means my favourite gloves last all season.

The Sunday League GK



gloveglu gives you the added bit of confidence you need as a goalkeeper

Lydia Williams



I've been wearing gloveglu gloves for the majority of my career. gloveglu Original provides the perfect amount of grip to my matchday gloves

Lewis Ward

Charlton Athletic


gloveglu is a must in my kitbag. I actually enjoy washing my gloves, looking after them and keeping them for longer!

Abs the Goalkeeper


Featured in: The Premier League

Michael McGovern

gloveglu goalkeeper

Featured in: The FA Cup

Lucas Covolan


The gloveglu Story

The Goalkeeper Innovators

It started with a spray that made Goalkeeper Gloves grippier. Then we invented Glove Care.

We allowed GK gloves to last longer and perform better giving you the edge.

And we're still innovating.