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How to choose the right goalkeeper grip spray

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All goalkeepers can benefit from adding a grip spray to their goalkeeper glove routine. gloveglu invented the very first goalkeeper grip spray - a product that you apply to your goalkeeper glove palms to make them grippier, to help with ball handling. Since the Original gloveglu product in 2012, gloveglu have sold millions of bottles of gloveglu grip sprays, and there are now many grip spray varieties on the market, as goalkeepers around the World have discovered the benefits of the product. But not all goalkeeper glove grip sprays are the same, so here's how to find the perfect one for you.

gloveglu Grip Sprays

Find the one for your goalkeeper gloves

gloveglu Original ⚫️ 🟢

The Original grip spray - gloveglu Original provides a great level of grip for your goalkeeper gloves. The formula was devised to add an enhanced grip to the latex on matchday, so you feel an added bit of confidence and assurance in your glove grip. The product is ideal for new gloves or matchday gloves. This means it's best for gloves that are in good condition. This is because the level of grip addded is more subtle than MEGAgrip.

Use this spray on matchdays on your best pair of goalkeeper gloves 

gloveglu MEGAgrip 🔴

gloveglu MEGAgrip is our grippiest goalkeeper glove spray. The formula is the most advanced, and it was developed for goalkeeper gloves that have become damaged or overused. We found that people were replacing old gloves as they lost grip, but with MEGAgrip, you can choose to revive your goalkeeper gloves instead.  

Use this spray on old, damaged gloves, or training gloves in practice sessions

gloveglu AQUAgrip 🔵

The issue with many goalkeeper glove grip sprays is that they don't last long on gloves, especially in bad weather. That's why we invented gloveglu AQUAgrip. This grip spray is water-resistant, so even in the rain and on completely wet gloves, AQUAgrip will stay grippy, giving you confidence even when handling wet and greasy footballs. 

Use AQUAgrip in the rain 

Which goalkeeper grip spray is for you?

How much grip is too much grip!?

When it comes to choosing between gloveglu Original or gloveglu MEGAgrip, it also comes down to your preferences. How much added grip do you prefer playing with? Some enjoy a subtle grip, some like their gloves as grippy as possible. It also depends on how expensive your goalkeeper gloves are. Top range, elite goalkeeper gloves are probably better with gloveglu Original. But even brand new, cheaper gloves can benefit from gloveglu MEGAgrip, as the latex as less soft and naturally grippy. 

gloveglu grip sprays

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