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"The unique formula has been developed with one thing in mind. The needs of the goalkeeper. It certainly helps out tremendously."


"This product is sublime in the sense that I used a pair of goalie gloves for and entire season and during training sessions (the gloves were in bad condition) the product was applied easily before game started and enhanced to the grip to the point where you would think you are wearing new gloves, the "glove glu" makes a difference and will help you catch shots that you would usually punch or deflect. I highly recommend this product, I have to be honest when I saw this I said no way this works, this is a big rip off, then I read the review and I thought I would try it. I was impressed, this is perfect for an intermediate goalie around the high school range. As I said earlier I highly recommend the product and think you should give it a try, is elevates your game and empowers you to try harder and reach further." 
David F. Verified amazon.com review


"I've been using [gloveglu] for a while now and I love it. The grip is better then new each time. Yes it works when wet. It also helps the gloves last a lot longer then usual."
fuzzysliperz. reddit.com


“I thought good in both conditions but, like everyone else, comes into its own in the wet”
Jamie Langfield, Aberdeen FC


"It certainly did revive the grip of an older pair of gloves. I tried it on a pair of first-generation HO Ghotta Hybrids. I did a video review of this specific pair of gloves back in July 2010 wore the gloves a dozen or so times that summer, and had not worn them since, which means they've been sitting in a glove bag for over two years. Predictably, the grip had suffered from lack of use. There was still grip, but the latex felt firm, dry, and a little slick. I applied the GloveGlu thirty minutes before kickoff on a damp night. The gloves instantly became very tacky, so much so that the palms seemed to stick as I rubbed them together to make sure the product was evenly applied. As the GloveGlu dried a little, the tackiness settled down to a level comparable to Nike's Contact Foam or Uhlsport's Absolutgrip when new. An occasional problem with Uhlsport's APG back in the day was that it was so tacky it collected dust, dirt, and blades of grass. I don't believe GloveGlu will have the same effect, as the excessive, glue-like tackiness fades fairly quickly as it dries.

Tackiness does not always equate to grip, for whatever reason (one thought on this is that tackiness is a measure of how sticky latex feels when you touch it with a finger and pull straight up from the surface, but that's not what happens when you catch a football. The ball tries to move laterally across the surface of the latex. The better the grip, the quicker the ball will be stopped from sliding across the latex). In the warmup, the grip proved to be good, certainly much better than it would have been without GloveGlu, if not quite as good as it had been when the glove was new. I was satisfied. GloveGlu took a pair of old gloves that I would never have trusted for a game and made them usable again. It is very easy to see how a ten quid bottle of GloveGlu can save a goalkeeper a lot of money by extending the life of gloves. As long as there is latex to spray onto, you'll have a glove with grip.

Now here comes a surprise: I washed the gloves after the game, to get the leftover GloveGlu and 3G turf dust out. A couple of days later, I took the gloves down from their drying spot, and found that the latex now did indeed feel as soft and grippy as it had when brand new - certainly grippier than it had during that first use. My next game rolled around, this time in dry conditions, and after I applied the GloveGlu, the grip was immense. I did feel the need to reapply it after halftime, as the directions on the bottle suggest, because the tackiness had faded just a bit. Once I did, the tackiness and grip came back.

I have had only one reason for hesitation while using GloveGlu: like many keepers, I'm accustomed to spitting in my gloves during games to keep them moist and tacky. I'm unsure if this is a good idea with GloveGlu on the palms. It's a habit and is a good way to relieve low-grade tension during games, but especially when conditions are dry, it seemed to me it might be better to let the GloveGlu handle the tackiness."
Justin @blamethekeeper.blogsport.com


"You will see a big difference. It made my goalieing way easier because, my gloves were actually sticky. I think it was worth the money."
Joy Meadows. Verified amazon.com review


“It works well – you might have a gem there, I think I could wear marigold gloves with gloveglu!”
Jerome John, West Ham Utd FC


"I bought this for my 8 year old son who is currently training with a Category One Premier League Football Academy. Applying 2-3 squirts to each glove puts a rosin like feel to the latex. It really does make a massive difference in levels of grip. Since the good weather started, there's no wet weather review yet, however, my son was very pleased with the improvement in grip. The ball actually sticks to the glove (not with a strong bond though!) He played in his gloves for 45 minutes (15 minute penalties warm up and 30 mins match) and the stickiness was still there. The most important thing for a keeper is confidence and Glove-Glu definitely works to improve confidence."
Dottore. Verified amazon.co.uk review

Essentially, this spray is meant to give your gloves a sticky-like feeling and help with grip, under all conditions. I must say this, that at first I was very skeptical. Immediately the scene from The Little Giants where the little receiver puts Stick Em’ on his gloves then can’t get his hands apart flashed through my mind. However, I was surprised. The Revive definitely made my gloves a bit more sticky and I felt very confident in catching volleys and shots.


"Stop buying new gloves to get that tacky grip. Buy this! Works well with old gloves."
DH. Verified amazon.com review


"Easy to apply. Once dried super sticky."
capt.sarin. verified ebay.co.uk purchase


“That gloveglu is ideal for making your older gloves last longer. Great in the wet – wasn’t expecting it to work so well in the rain”
Boaz Myhill, West Bromwich Albion FC


Bought this for the Hubby he's been a goalie for 30 odd years never used anything on his gloves before. He used it for the first time the other night came home beaming said this glove glu is brilliant! Cant say more than that really.
Mrs G. Verified amazon.co.uk review