PELE SECA - azul/amarelo
PELE SECA - azul/amarelo
PELE SECA - azul/amarelo
PELE SECA - azul/amarelo
PELE SECA - azul/amarelo
PELE SECA - azul/amarelo
PELE SECA - azul/amarelo

PELE SECA - azul/amarelo

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  • gloveglu Silicone Palm Technology
  • Perfect for artificial pitches & indoor
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A primeira luva de goleiro para clima seco do mundo com tecnologia Gloveglu Silicone Grip Palm para aderência insana.

Criadas especificamente para condições secas, essas luvas oferecem um nível de aderência muito maior do que pode ser alcançado com uma palma de látex tradicional.


  • aderência máxima em condições secas
  • ajuste leve e justo para excelente controle de bola
  • pulso estendido para máximo conforto e estabilidade pode ser usado por cima ou por baixo da manga da camisa


  • Tecnologia de palma de aperto de silicone gloveglu
  • Manga de pulso SKINN estendida para conforto, ajuste e suporte perfeitos
  • corte negativo para ajuste e sensação mais justos
  • costas reforçadas com estampa de silicone
  • reforços de dedo respiráveis

Corte: Negativo
Palma: gloveglu Tecnologia Silicone Palm
Reverso: impressão em silicone
Corpo : neoprene
Pulso: poliéster
Correia: não
Tamanhos: 5-11 completo

Cut: Negative
Palm: gloveglu Silicone Technology
Strap: Elasticated Polyester Wrist
Finger Protection: No

Dry Weather Grip: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Wet Weather Grip: ⭐️
Durability: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

GloveHero Verdict: The GOAT in dry weather. Perfect for playing on artificial turf, and the most iconic gloveglu palm.

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Dry SKINN Azure/Yellow

🌤 Unbeatable Dry Weather Grip
🧤 Most Durable Palm
🤚 Most Lightweight Feel
⭐️ 5/5 Rating

Keepers Loving Dry SKINN


Amazing gloves! I have used them for about 120 sessions and they are like new! Definetely a different feel, but they basically last forever!




Glove ready for wet and dry conditions with these beauties



Wash & Care Instructions


When: After every game

Thanks to the silicone palm, it's much easier to clean Dry SKINN gloves. Simply wipe the palms with a wet sponge. Every so often, give them a deeper clean all over with glove wash

Wash products


When: After every game

Sweat and bacteria build up inside goalkeeper gloves, causing odours and damage. A few sprays of glove freshener eliminates the bacteria

Refresh products


No. Dry SKINN is the only glove where gloveglu is not effective.

This is because the Silicone Palm is only grippy when dry.

We recommend you only use Dry SKINN gloves in completely dry conditions.

gloveglu gloves fit True to Size

If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up

Also note that Finger Protection gloves and Hybrid Cut gloves have a slightly tighter fit than other goalkeeper gloves.

Find our Size Guide Here

Negative Cut - Closer feel, snug and tight fit around the fingers

Roll Finger Cut - Rounded fingers for more ball-latex contact

Hybrid Cut - The best combination of both, negative fingers with rolled fingertips

Read more about gloveglu Glove Cuts

gloveglu Original - Our basic palm which is super durable

MEGAgrip - Next level grip

AQUAgrip - Next level grip, even better at handling wet conditions

MEGAgrip+ - The ultimate palm, our grippiest ever technology

gloveglu Silicone - Non-latex for incredible dry weather grip. Indestructible palm for indoor & artificial grass & unique designs thanks to the silicone material

Read more about our Palm Technologies