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    At gloveglu, our goal is clear – to make the most innovative care products around to keep you and your kit running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done! So what’s the story? It all started with a lightbulb moment. Glove manufacturers spend endless hours striving to make their latex as tacky as possible, but are forced to compromise with the longevity of the palm. So what if we develop a spray that can be sprayed on any glove at any price point and to increase the grip as well as condition the gloves we asked ourselves. In 2012 gloveglu was born – to make your gloves last longer and to improve the grip. Fast-forward to today and gloveglu has become a global brand with a stable of brand ambassadors and, in case you haven’t noticed, we do a bit more than our original gloveglu these days. You’re probably thinking, “That’s nice. These guys make sticky stuff!” but the truth is we do a whole lot more than that. We are obsessed with sport and are striving to make gloveglu the default technology for any sport where you wear a glove. We continue to accelerate our product development programme and are working alongside a number of leading global brands to bring you a range of “powered by gloveglu technology” products as well as producing our own product range. So, if you’re smart, (and we know you are because you’re on our website!), be sure to keep an eye out for the latest gloveglu range. We currently have an insanely busy R&D program so please keep checking to see the exciting products we’re about to launch!  


    At gloveglu, we believe every person deserves the opportunity to live an active and healthy life and given the best opportunities available to them. We are proud to be working with We Love Football Academy to help drive the humanitarian spirit forward.
    The We Love Football Academy is a charity based in Cape Town, South Africa, dedicated to creating fair-play on and off the pitch.
    With daily training and football camps, the Academy uses play to steer youth toward a better life with better awareness, better life skills and better opportunities.

    We Love Football Academy coaches youth in sport and life and believes every child should have the opportunity to succeed in life no matter where they were born, how much money their family has or from which background they come.

    Gloveglu was proud to supply nearly 50 pairs of football boots to the Academy, donated by brand partners and local school children, to give the kids something to wear on their feet and to improve their skills.

    For more information visit: welovefootballacademy