Small idea to Global Brand

Our story told by Founder, Paul

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Small idea to Global Brand

Our story told by Founder, Paul

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More than Grippy Gloves

We like to have fun at gloveglu. You might even know us from our silly TikTok videos.

But we're serious about performance & innovation.

They're just gloves. They can't turn you into Thibaut Courtois.

But sometimes, they're the difference. And we're here to be that difference.

Why we exist:

Gloves are expensive, but fragile too

The worst combination - Expensive AND don't last long. But that's the nature of latex. The material used for goalkeeper glove palms.

But the main reason they don't last long? Dirt dries into the pores of the latex.

The answer? A Wash developed for Goalkeeper Gloves


Ever smelt the inside of a glove?

If you have, then we don't need to go on. If you haven't, imagine the bacteria build up from 90 minutes of sweaty hands, then being left in a warm, dark kitbag for a week.

Result? Not only the smell, but the at delicate latex isn't a big fan either.

The answer? A spray that ELIMINATES bacteria, not just covering it up


Latex is grippy, but not for long

New goalkeeper gloves. What a feeling. The latex peeling off itself. Amazing grip. But the reason latex is grippy is because it's so soft. The softness means it breaks down, flakes and picks up nicks and tears.

Result? Not grippy.

The answer? A spray that can take ANY glove: old, new, damaged, torn, flaking, wet, dry and makes them grippy again



gloveglu was the World's first goalkeeper glove grip spray. Since 2012, we've innovated, releasing an even better formula in 2024.

We discovered it wasn't just extra grip that Gloves needed. They need to be loved. If they ain't clean, they ain't gonna be grippy.

So the 3-Step System was born:

The Timeline of gloveglu

Lightbulb moment

The idea for gloveglu is born. Somewhere in the Cotswold's, Paul realises the product that solves the biggest issue in goalkeeper glove performance

MEGAgrip is born

gloveglu is great, but what if we made a grippier formula? Due to popular demand, MEGAgrip was born in 2015. Now our top selling item, with over 1 million sold worldwide.

Side gig goes full-time

Paul reaches 50 years of age. The milestone that pushes him to remortgage and put everything into this little gloveglu idea. Full steam ahead.

gloveglu launches gloves

The year of lockdown. The year gloveglu ventured deeper into goalkeeping. Taking gloveglu grip technology and putting it into gloves with our d:NA range. They sell out within months!

New formulas

The secret gloveglu formula used since 2012 is fantastic. But could it be better? A question we've asked for over 10 years. In 2024, we could finally answer with: Yes.

Our new gloveglu formula is grippier for longer, kinder to latex, and is a result of years of innovation and R&D

Keepers that love gloveglu


Lydia is a goalkeeping legend. Iconic for her national team, PFA Winner in Australia & featured at the top level for Arsenal and PSG.

"gloveglu gives you that added bit of confidence that you sometimes need as a goalkeeper"

Lydia Williams

Over 100 caps for Australia


Anders is a professional goalkeeper of 10+ years across Europe. Now, find him on social media giving the best goalkeeper advice.

"For me it's simple. gloveglu gives me an advantage, so why wouldn't you use it?"

Anders Kristiansen

AKA @Goalieonadventure


Lewis has played for multiple clubs in the EFL, wearing the i:NTRON White FP gloves throughout his career so far.

"Nothing beats these gloves for me. The comfort is great and can't beat a clean white glove"

Lewis Ward

Charlton Athletic

"I wear my matchday gloves in the last training session before a game. Then wash them, dry them, and apply gloveglu. Then I know I'm ready for Saturday"

Jackie Burns

Reading FC

Growing up, I didn't get a new pair of gloves very often. They lasted a whole season at least. I like wearing the same pair, especially when I'm playing well. It's much more satisfying looking after a lucky pair of gloves than getting a new pair!