Coach / Club Partner Programme Terms & Conditions

Your Coach/Club: Sports club or business eligible for special prices
You/Your/Purchaser: Person/persons eligible to place orders and pay invoices
Clubs Online: Coach/Cub Account customers who have the ability to purchase online at their special prices. These customers can log onto the website using their email address and password to purchase directly from the website at their discounted price.

  1. Standard gloveglu (Sportstrad Limited) Terms and Conditions apply
  2. Coach/Club account prices via the website represent the most up to date prices available on your club account. These prices are subject to change.
  3. Fair Use
    1. Coach/Club Account prices are only available to eligible persons as designated by the primary account holder and approved by SportsTrad Limited. We reserve the right to revoke special prices and end the agreement if we find the account is being abused. This can include, but is not limited to:
      1. Allowing unauthorised persons to purchase from the account
      2. Setting up delivery addresses that have not been pre-approved by SportsTrad Limited.
      3. Ordering on behalf of persons not authorised to purchase from the account
  4. If you are found to be reselling or redistributing items purchased via your coach/club account, without permission, then we will instantly revoke your account and terminate the agreement
  5. Discounts and promotions
    1. Coach/Club Account customers are not entitled to standard discounts or promotions on top of their contract prices
    2. Promotional code discounts will not apply to customers who have a Coach/Clubs Online account set up
    3. Promotional offers include free delivery, free gifts or products, percentage or money off
    4. “Sale” prices are still applicable for Coach/Clubs Online customers and the cheapest value of an item will always be applied
    5. Coach/Clubs Online account holders are entitled to free standard delivery.