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Mejore el rendimiento y la longevidad de su látex y mantenga sus guantes limpios y sin olores.

Elimina la suciedad de la zona de látex de los guantes de portero utilizando la exclusiva fórmula DirTECH que elimina las partículas de suciedad del látex, mejora la superficie y prepara los guantes para mejorar el juego y prolongar su vida útil.

Recomendado para usar con guanteglu para mejorar el rendimiento y el agarre del guante.


  • Spray para dedos de 250 ml
  • Adecuado para cualquier tipo de palma de guante de portero.


  • Inmediatamente después de jugar, rocíe el detergente para guantes y prepárelo en la palma de cada guante (rocíe de 4 a 6 veces).
  • Frote el lavado de guantes y prepárelo mientras usa los guantes.
  • Lave los guantes con agua corriente tibia y continúe frotando las palmas.
  • Si los guantes están muy sucios, repita el procedimiento.
  • Una vez que se haya eliminado la suciedad, enjuague los guantes con agua tibia y exprima el exceso de líquido. Deje secar naturalmente, lejos de la luz solar directa.



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How to use your Glove Wash

Do this reguarly for longer lasting & better performing gloves

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How to use your Glove Wash

Do this reguarly for longer lasting & better performing gloves

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Why Wash my Gloves?

Stop dirt in the latex

Latex is soft and pourus, meaning there's space for things to absorb into it. That's why gloveglu works! But it also means dirt can get in. Not just on the surface, but into the pores. Leave that dirt in there and it will dry out and crack your latex very quickly.

More Grip

Cleaner latex = grippier latex. Without dirt clogging up the pores of the palm, you'll have a naturally grippier material. Plus, it leaves room for gloveglu to get into the pores, which is what you want!

Save Money

The average goalkeeper needs a new pair of gloves every 3 months. The average goalkeeper also doesn't wash their gloves as often as they should.

Make it part of your routine and see how long you can make 1 pair of gloves last.

Glove Wash FAQs

Ideally, after every time you use them.

But don't worry, you can do it quickly. Our Keep 'em Clean Foama applies directly as a foam, so you don't have to completely soak the glove if you only need a quick wash. Just rub into the palm and rinse.

Using a SOFT sponge like ours helps remove more stubborn dirt. Some keepers prefer to use their hands to work out the dirt or rub the gloves together. These methods are also absolutely fine. The most important thing is that you DO wash them!

gloveglu products work on any glove. The wash products are developed and tested to work effectively on latex, which is the traditional material used for goalkeeper gloves palms.

The wash will also work on the backhand of gloves, and Keep 'em Clean Foama works great on football boots, too!

Up to you!

Some keepers like to wear the gloves whilst washing them. That's fine too. Just remember to wash the insides as well.

Be conscious of water use. If you're having a shower anyway, it might be a good idea to take the gloves in with you! Or fill a sink/tub with water like we do in our tutorials. Using running water from a tap is probably the least efficient, so avoid this if you can!

Glove Wash & Prepare provides a deeper clean to goalkeeper glove latex

Keep 'em Clean Foama is great for a quick wash with less water. Plus it can be used on boots too, so you can wash both together!