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    goalkeeper glove example

    Glove Manufacturers face a problem. To make latex glove palms as grippy as possible, the latex must be soft.

    The problem? Soft latex means less durability, so the glove palm, and therefore grip, diminishes quickly.

    Use a more durable latex & you'll have a pair of gloves that aren't very grippy.

    If only you could have the best of both Worlds? That's why gloveglu exists.


    gloveglu goalkeeper camps

    Our 3-Step System will help your gloves perform better and last longer.

    WASH - Keep 'Em Clean
    REFRESH - Stop 'Em Smelling
    REVIVE - Make 'Em Grippy

    No matter your chosen pair of gloves, gloveglu will help them last longer & perform better. 

    Protect your new gloves with proper glove care and never lose grip again 

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    About us

    Innovation in all aspects of Goalkeeping

    gloveglu was born in 2012.

    Today, there's half a million goalkeepers who trust gloveglu. In fact, somebody buys a gloveglu product every 2.5 minutes around the World.

    We've taken our gloveglu formulas to develop latex technologies on our own goalkeeper gloves, with a unique range that are shaking up the market.

    And we're using the latest research to innovate in goalkeeper training too.

    gloveglu goalkeeping

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