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    Glove Care Guide

    Why wash my gloves?

    why wash your gloves?

    The average lifespan of a pair of goalkeeper gloves is just 3 months.  

    Latex is porous which means dirt is absorbed into the material. So if you leave gloves to dry whilst containing dirt, they will become damaged and ineffective much more quickly.

    That's why we advise that you wash your gloves after every use. This ensures your latex stays grippy and uncracked for longer.

    Inevitably, the level of grip your gloves provides diminishes from the moment you take them out the packet. But that's where our grip sprays come in. glovelgu Original or MEGAgrip is there to revive them and make them grippy time and time again.

    The 3-Step System

    1. WASH - Keep 'Em Clean
    apply 4-6 sprays of Wash & Prepare or Keep 'Em Clean Foama all over your gloves. Wash the gloves under warm water and use a sponge to work out the dirt.

    2. REFRESH - Stop 'Em Smelling
    Spray the inside of your gloves 2-3 times with glovefresh or Stop ‘Em Smelling Spray. After spraying, let the gloves dry.

    3. REVIVE - Make 'Em Grippy
    Shake your gloveglu bottle, then apply 2-3 sprays to each palm of your gloves. Rub the palms together and for longer lasting grip, leave to dry for 10-15 minutes before handling the ball.

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    Removing the protective film

    goalkeeper glove protective film

    Some gloves, including those with the gloveglu MEGAgrip palm & Silicone palm, come with removable plastic protection over the palm which must be removed before use.

    This is often the most satisfying part of buying a new pair of gloves! But it can sometimes be tricky. 

    To remove, start the the bottom of the glove and pull upwards. Try to remove as much as possible in one peel. 

    Parts around the fingers and edges are often the hardest to remove. It may help to use tweezers, but avoid picking at the latex.

    If you're still struggling, try submerging the glove into warm water - this will help loosen the film and it will become easier to peel.

    Other tips for long lasting gloves

    rotate your gloves

    Rotate your gloves

    The less you use your gloves, the longer they will last! That's why many goalkeepers have at least 2 pairs of gloves. One pair for training, and one pair for matches. 

    Once your match gloves become old and less effective over time, you may want to make them your training gloves, and buy new match gloves. 

    gloveglu Original is our grip spray designed for match gloves to add a little extra grip, whilst gloveglu MEGAgrip can revive old training gloves and add grip to worn gloves!

    removing gloves the right way

    Removing gloves

    Taking off and putting on your gloves is one of the most common times the latex palm can tear. 

    It's important to avoid friction on the latex. When removing gloves, rather than pulling from the fingertips with the other glove, try placing the gloves under your arm and pulling your hand out.

    pushing off the ground goalkeeper glove latex

    Pushing off the ground

    Avoiding friction with the ground is key, particuarly on artifical turf, to prevent your latex from ripping. 

    After you have dived and find yourself on the floor, make a habit of pushing yourself off the ground using a fist rather than your palm. 

    glove storage

    Glove storage

    It's important to store your gloves somewhere cool & dry. Some definite areas to avoid are: in direct sunlight, in humid areas, and on the radiator! 

    To keep gloves fresh, consider using a deodoriser and hanging gloves in a cool place after washing them. 

    Also consider how you transport your gloves. If you can keep them in a seperate glove bag within your kit bag, this will help them stay out of contact with other bits of kit which can cause damage. 

    Glove Care Q&A

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