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Use gloveglu Original to add grip to goalkeeper gloves

Spraying goalkeeper gloves with glovelu
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gloveglu Original was made to add grip to your goalkeeper gloves. This was the Original glove care product, designed to make your goalkeeper glove palms extra grippy

Making new goalkeeper gloves grippy

gloveglu Original is designed to add grip to new or 'match' goalkeeper gloves. gloveglu Original adds the perfect amount of grip to improve your handling, confidence and makes your gloves feel as grippy as possible. 

How to use gloveglu Original

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Apply 3-4 sprays to clean gloves

Shake the gloveglu bottle and apply 3-4 sprays of gloveglu Original to each goalkeeper glove palm 

Rub goalkeeper gloves together

Rub the gloves together to sopread the grip across your goalkeeper glove palms

Reapply as needed

gloveglu will last longer on goalkeeper gloves if it is left to dry after applying the spray. It's best to keep gloveglu in your goal so you can reapply during games or at half-time.

How to add grip to any glove

gloveglu Original Tutorial

Add grip to your new gloves

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