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How to make gloveglu grip last longer

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gloveglu grip sprays are incredible for adding grip to your goalkeeper gloves, no matter their condition. However, the grip that's added to your GK gloves thanks to the unique grippy formula, does not last forever. gloveglu absorbs into palm latex, but after catching footballs and contact with turf, the gloveglu gradually loses it's effectiveness. 

But by following a few simple tips, gloveglu can easily give you insane grip on your GK gloves for 45+ minutes, allowing you to reapply at half-time for 90 minutes of confident grip. 

Making gloveglu last longer

Maintain your grip

Ensure your gloves are completely dry

Before applying a gloveglu grip spray, ensure gloves are completely dry. You may have heard that moisture activates latex, and this is true. That's why gloveglu is a water-based formula. The specially developed formula means that the latex is activated, whilst the grippiness can seap into the pores of the palm latex.  

Allow to dry after applying gloveglu

It's tempting to test your gloves out straight after spraying gloveglu. But for a longer-lasting grip, after you've rubbed the palms together to spread the gloveglu into your goalkeeper glove palms, leave your gloves to rest for 10 minutes. The result? Your glove latex has absorbed the gloveglu. So the gloveglu won't rub off when coming into contact with the ball as easily.   

Keep a bottle of gloveglu in your net

The easiest hack for grippy goalkeeper gloves is having a bottle of gloveglu on demand. How long the grip lasts on your gloves depends on many factors, so having extra grip available whenever you need it in a match is really useful as a goalkeeper.  

Make your grip last longer

gloveglu hacks for extra long grip

How often do I need to apply gloveglu?

Apply gloveglu whenever you feel like your grip is diminishing. From our feedback from professional and amateur goalkeepers, we find that gloveglu usually adds grip to goalkeeper gloves for 45 minutes before it starts to wear off. 

We also find that a bottle of gloveglu lasts for 2-3 months when playing and training weekly. Luckily, subscriptions are now available for all our grip spray bottles, so you never have to worry about running out again!

Caring for your goalkeeper gloves

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