Our business goes through some well-established cycles throughout the year.

Product ideas, development, sampling, ranging, more sampling, tweaking, marketing and launch plans, purchasing stock, receiving stock, launch, sales drive.....and the cycle then starts all over again.

Coronavirus has thrown in some considerable challenges during this process but also some interesting opportunities.

More time spent in isolation has meant more time spent thinking about product innovations and ideas. More time spent looking at competitors and gaps in the market and more time thinking about product launches.

The downside is that, with factories closed and/or working at much less capacity, the ability to sample and tweak has become much more challenging and has affected potential launch timescales.

This, coupled with the fact that many retailers and brands have high inventory levels, will mean for many businesses that new product launches will simply be delayed for, perhaps, 6 months or more.

At gloveglu we have taken the opposite approach and will be heading full steam into a mammoth product launch programme during the latter half of the 2020.
We've been working incredibly hard on a line of products to help with all aspects of goalkeeping, not just glove care, and to enhance the ability of keepers.

Isolation has, arguably, given us the opportunity to think about brand development like never before and, over the coming months, we can't wait to share with you the launch of a new sister brand and associated products.

But, in the meantime, we working hard on launch plans and timings - the latter being determined by so many different factors that it's hard, at this stage, to provide an accurate launch date.

Suffice to say as soon as we have an idea we'll let you know through our social media channels.

Until then stay safe and keep lovin' your gloves.

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