gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior
gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior
gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior
gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior
gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior
gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior
gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior

gloveglu x REAL 305 AG Collab - Junior

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REAL goalkeeper gloves use a different sizing system to gloveglu goalkeeper gloves. 

  1. Measure the width of your palm from your index finger to your little finger (with your fingers closed together – fingers closed).
  2. The width of your palm determines the size of your gloves. 

  • 4cm = size 4
  • 5cm = size 5 
  • 5.5cm = size 5.5 
  • 6cm = size 6 
  • 6.5cm = size 6.5 
  • 7cm = size 7 
  • 7.5cm = size 7.5 
  • 8cm = size 8 
  • 8.5cm = size 8.5 
  • 9cm = size 9 
  • 9.5cm = size 9.5 
  • 10cm = size 10 
  • 10.5cm = size 10.5 
  • 11cm = size 11
  • Made for artificial pitches
  • Gloves & Glove Care Combo
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gloveglu have collaborated with REAL GK Gloves to provide high quality goalkeeper gloves at great prices.

This model is developed with a unique latex specifically for use on artifical turf. If you're tired of latex getting ripped on artificial surfaces, the REAL 305 palm will provide you with unmatched durability on these surfaces.

Comes with gloveglu Essentials, providing you with the full 3-Step-System: everything you need to look after your new gloves and make them perform better and last longer. Glove Wash & Prepare (50ml), glovefresh (50ml), gloveglu Original (50ml)

Cut: Negative
Palm: Designed to prevent rips
Strap: Supportive strap
Finger Protection: No

Dry Weather Grip: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Wet Weather Grip: ⭐️⭐️
Durability: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

GloveHero Verdict: Unique design that will get you through a season on 4G pitches. Latex design that can be enhanced with gloveglu grip sprays

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Limited Edition Collab

gloveglu x REAL

We're lucky to have collaborated with REAL Gloves - An elite GK Glove brand with Bundesliga players like Koen Casteels, Wolfsburg & Belgium International.

Why Collab? Well, we're the brand for REAL goalkeepers, so it suits! But we're also passionate about high-quality, well-made gloves.

Make no mistake, these gloves are elite. And we have them at incredible prices for a limited time only!

glovelgu and REAL goalkeeper gloves

Wash & Care Instructions


When: After every use

Dirty latex is not grippy, and it stops gloveglu absorbing into palms, too. Glove wash removes dirt deep in the latex and makes gloves last longer

Wash products


When: After every use

Sweat and bacteria build up inside goalkeeper gloves, causing odours and damage. A few sprays of glove freshener eliminates the bacteria

Refresh products


When: before play (optional)

For added grip & confidence, gloveglu grip sprays make gloves feel like new for longer. Use whenever you need enhanced grip and reapply as needed

Grip sprays

Goalkeeper Glove FAQs

REAL is an elite goalkeeper glove brand who have been producing high-quality gloves for decades.

A Belgian brand, REAL has large presence in Europe and is used by pro goalkeepers in the Bundesliga and other top European Leagues.

We had an opportunity to collaborate with an excellent goalkeeper brand in REAL, so wanted to give our customers the opportunity to try a new glove brand!

Remember, our glove care products work on ANY goalkeeper glove brand, so that's why we're selling these gloves together with our Glove Care Essentials.

So you can get new gloves and start looking after them straight away!

REAL goalkeeper gloves use a slightly different sizing guide.

Find it here