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  • Add Maximum Grip
  • Stop Kit from Smelling


  • Ein großartiges Kombipaket mit zwei unserer Top-Seller:
  • 1 x 120 ml Gloveglu MEGAgrip und 1 x 50 ml Glovefresh.
  • Erhöhen und verbessern Sie die Griffigkeit Ihrer Torwarthandschuhe mit der Gloveglu MEGAgrip-Formel.
  • Stoppen Sie die Geruchsbildung, indem Sie regelmäßig Glovefresh in Ihre Handschuhe sprühen.


  • 25 % stärker als das Original für maximale Griffigkeit.
  • Beleben Sie Ihre alten Handschuhe wieder. Verbessern Sie Ihr neues.
  • Gloveglu MEGAgrip wurde speziell für die Bedürfnisse von Torhütern entwickelt und verbessert mit seiner einzigartigen Formel die Griffigkeit jedes Torwarthandschuhs.
  • Kann vor oder während des Spiels aufgetragen werden und ist bei nassen oder trockenen Bedingungen gleichermaßen wirksam.

GLOVEFRESH 50 ml Flasche

  • Halten Sie Ihre Handschuhe frisch und geruchsfrei.
  • Aufgrund seiner einzigartigen antibakteriellen Formel entfernt Glovefresh garantiert alle Gerüche, die durch Bakterien verursacht werden, die in Ihren Torwarthandschuhen wachsen.
  • Glovefresh wurde speziell für die heutigen Torwarthandschuhe formuliert und wirkt direkt auf die geruchserzeugenden Bakterien, beseitigt sie und den unangenehmen Geruch.
  • Sie können nicht kontrollieren, wie viel Sie schwitzen, aber Sie können den Geruch bekämpfen!

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Part of the 3 Step System

Directions for Use


When: After every wear

Not only does it produce a bad smell, bacteria inside the glove and break down the latex from the inside. Our formula breaks down the odour-causing bacteria.


When: Before play. Reapply as needed

Make your gloves feel brand new again, every time. Spray 3 times on each glove. For longer lasting effects, allow to dry before use.

Don't take our word for it


Glove Care is now part of our weekend routine before a match & we never go to a game without gloveglu


gloveglu Goalkeeper


Look after your gloves and they'll look after you

Matt Gould

gloveglu Goalkeeper


gloveglu is the best. But I think my parents prefer the ‘Stop em Smelling’ sprays. A few sprays inside the gloves makes all the difference to the state of my kitbag!

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gloveglu Goalkeeper


Take care of your gloves, make them last longer, make them grippy by washing them

Anders Kristiansen

gloveglu Goalkeeper

Glove Care FAQs

How to choose your grip spray:

gloveglu Original:
For newer, undamaged gloves
Adds subtle grip
Perfect for match gloves

gloveglu MEGAgrip:
For older, damaged gloves
Maximum grip
25% stronger than Original

gloveglu AQUAgrip:
Enhanced grip in wet conditions
Also works in dry
More waterproof formula

Yes! gloveglu is authorised for use across football and soccer globally.

We think it actually makes the game more fair, as it levels the playing field for goalkeepers who can't replace their gloves every week or have access to the most elite gloves.

Washing after every game will extend the life of your gloves significantly, as well as improving the grip and performance.

No. This is a common misconception of gloveglu.

gloveglu is developed specifically for latex and is water-based. It hydrates latex as well as adding grip.

Gloves dry out and get damaged when they aren't washed regularly. Dirt gets into latex easily, and you'll attract more dirt with grippier gloves, which is why some people may blame gloveglu for damaged gloves.

It's vital that you wash this dirt off after play. Otherwise, the dirt dries deep into the latex and causes cracks.

gloveglu works on any latex glove. Latex is the traditional material used for goalkeeper glove palms of any brand.

No matter your preferred glove brand, gloveglu will make it grippier and better.

We're always innovating & striving to make better glove care products.

We invented the original grip spray. Since then, we've been listening to your feedback, testing & researching.

We found something that made it better. Just a small change, but now it's grippier, longer lasting, & even kinder to latex.