gloveglu Green

Doing our bit to protect our planet

Building a Sustainable Future

Our mission has always been to continue to innovate, improve our products and make them as sustainable as possible. For 2021 and beyond we've created gloveglu green.

A project that, by its very nature, will never end, but will deliver a multitude of improvements across our business and help protect the planet

Low Emission Shipping

We encourage Standard shipping for our International customers. We sacrifice speedy delivery times, which are usually couriered by air.

Whilst this means your order may take longer to reach you, know that you're choosing the lowest emission shipping option

International shipping times vary between 7-14 working days

Low impact packaging

Our Glove Care Bundles come packaged in fully recyclable pouches. The pouches are smaller and lighter than using cardboard boxes, so several more units can be shipped together, significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with transport. 

Our Goalkeeper Gloves are packaged in reusable pouches for the same reason. Our labels on our gloveglu bottles are biodegradable, so the bottles can be recycled easily.

Plant Based Formulas

We make sure our formulas are as kind ot the planet as possible.

That's why we're changing our glove wash to glove eco wash.This is a Biodegradable goalkeeper glove wash. Using our unique plant-based formula glove eco wash penetrates the latex pores to remove the dirt and grime and help your gloves last longer and perform better. pH neutral, and manufactured from renewable resources.


We are proud members of Ecologi, reducing our carbon footprint by planting trees & funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions.

In the past 26 months, gloveglu has planted 1,007 trees and removed removed 73.5 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. 

That is the result of 32 projects that have been funded by the gloveglu green initiative. We've funded projects in multiple countries, from Brazil, to India, to Thailand.