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Get The Grip

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  • Limited Edition Collab
  • Used by @moderngoalkeeping
  • Add Maximum Grip to Gloves

Introducing Get the Grip. The ultimate goalkeeper grip spray, born from an exceptional collaboration between gloveglu and @moderngoalkeeping AKA Mike Bolvin. 

"Grips like a magnet!" 🧲

Get the Grip Formula:

Developed together with Mike Bolvin AKA @moderngoalkeeping. We took our expertise of grip sprays and tweaked our formulas to find Mike's ultimate grip spray for the modern goalkeeper. 

  • All-Weather Performance: Whether it's rain, shine, or snow, Get the Grip maintains its effectiveness, allowing you to perform at your best no matter the weather.

  • Long-Lasting Formula: Engineered for durability, Get the Grip provides a long-lasting grip boost, meaning fewer reapplications during intense matches.

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Get the Grip

gripmode x gloveglu

gloveglu, the ultimate glove care brand and one of the most followed goalkeeper brands in the World.

Michael Bolvin - @moderngoalkeeping and owner of Gripmode. One of the biggest goalkeeper influencers in the World!

Mike wanted his own grip spray with his own unique formula. So we made one together. Now you can Get the Grip 🧲

As seen on TikTok

Get the Grip FAQs

Yes! All grip sprays are authorised for use across football and soccer globally.

We think it actually makes the game more fair, as it levels the playing field for goalkeepers who can't replace their gloves every week or have access to the most elite gloves.

Get the Grip is a unique formula that was developed by us, but to the specifications of famous goalkeeper influencer, Mike Bolvin aka @moderngoalkeeping

Mike wanted to make the 'grippiness' perfect for him and his followers. So we took the MEGAgrip formula and altered it slightly.

Mike wanted a spray with the perfect grip, lasts a long time, and works in any condition

It does the same job as gloveglu, but it might just be your perfect recipe!

It varies on conditions, but most Keepers find the grip effect lasts at least 45 minutes.

Re-applying at half-time should give you 90 minutes of excellent grip.

For longer lasting grip, allow the spray to soak into the latex for 5-10 minutes before using.

A full bottle lasts 3-4 months for most keepers

No. This is a common misconception of gloveglu.

gloveglu is developed specifically for latex and is water-based. It hydrates latex as well as adding grip.

Gloves dry out and get damaged when they aren't washed regularly. Dirt gets into latex easily, and you'll attract more dirt with grippier gloves, which is why some people may blame gloveglu for damaged gloves.

It's vital that you wash this dirt off after play. Otherwise, the dirt dries deep into the latex and causes cracks.

gloveglu works on any latex glove. Latex is the traditional material used for goalkeeper glove palms of any brand.

No matter your preferred glove brand, gloveglu will make it grippier and better.

Do the best Keepers in the World use gloveglu? Truth is, probably not. Why? Because they wear a new pair of gloves every single game!

gloveglu gives you that elite goalkeeper feeling every game you play, even with older, cheaper gloves.

gloveglu has still been used in World Cups, European Championships, The EFL, WSL, FA Cup, and across major European Leagues.