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    gloveglu Goalkeeper Training Guide

    Reaction Training

    Reaction training is a key element and core focus of many goalkeeping drills. In real game situations, it's rare that a goalkeeper gets a clear sight of the ball coming towards them. There is often players in and around the goalkeepers space and eye-line. When training on your own or with one coach, it's impossible to replicate these in-game situations. 

    But with specially developed equipment, we can begin to replicate the unpredictability of the ball in real match situations.  

    gloveglu erratic bounce ball

    REACT Erratic Bounce Ball

    The Erratic Bounce Training Ball provides an unpredictable flight & bounce when struck or thrown

    How to Use
    Equally effective on astro or grass, have your coach shoot or throw this ball from long or short distances. The internal weight system in the ball means the ball can replicate in-game situations, such as deflections, richochets, knuckleballs and uneven bounces. 

    Trust us, the glove care experts!

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    Training Gloves

    rotate your gloves

    Bare SKINN Training Gloves

    A unique goalkeeper training tool. The neoprene palm offers NO grip on the ball. Designed to develop your technique, finger strength and concentration during warm ups and training sessions

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    Goalkeeper Fitness

    Goalkeepers require a different focus when it comes to fitness compared to outfield football players. 

    Balance, agility, and the ability to dive and get up quickly requires core strength & coordination. Goalkeepers often find themselves kicking long and throwing balls repetitively, which means certain muscles require special attention too. 

    The recovery phase is incredibly important to ensure you stay at the top of your game. 

    gloveglu foam roller

    Pro Foam Roller

    Perfect for post-training and post-game recovery. 

    How to Use
    Position the Foam Roller on an area of conern, such as hamstrings, calf, thigh, glute. Gently roll over the roller to massage the target area.

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    Pro Training Mat

    The lightweight Mat so you can train anywhere. 

    How to Use
    Simply place the mat down to perform exercises like plank, press ups, sit ups, and exercises with other training equipment. Easily rolls up so you can store away or transport wherever you like to work out.

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    gloveglu training mat
    gloveglu wobble board

    Pro Wobble Board

    The ideal training accessory For core stability, strength, balance and coordination.

    How to Use
    Perfect for use with the below Weighted Training Ball. The Wobble Board is an excellent workout to help you build the strength to push off the ground, and balance to stand up to the opponent in a 1v1. 

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    The Workout bundle!

    Get all 3 of our fitness products for much less!

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