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    Goalkeeper Glove Guide

    Why gloveglu gloves?

    At gloveglu, we know a thing or two about grip. 

    We're also experts in glove care. Our first products were developed to keep your gloves in the best condition - performing better and lasting longer.

    So we created palms which are designed to hold grip and suit particular conditions perfectly, for ultimate performance in any weather.

    As innovators, we created the World's first Silicone Palm goalkeeper glove, plus eye catching designs and unique styles to suit the modern goalkeeper.

    gloveglu Palm Technology

    original palm

    gloveglu Original

    A good combination of durability and grip, the gloveglu ORIGINAL palm offer a good price point option.

    aquagrip palm

    gloveglu AQUAgrip

    As the name suggests this is our specialist palm for wet weather conditions. A grippy latex that's also good in dry, but comes into it's own in the wet.

    megagrip palm

    gloveglu MEGAgrip

    An excellent all round latex that can be used in all conditions. Softer than gloveglu Original providing an improved grip.

    megagrip plus palm

    gloveglu MEGAgrip PLUS

    For maximum grip, MEGAgrip PLUS is our grippiest palm. Excellent in all conditions.

    Additional Palm Technologies

    gloveglu dry skinn

    gloveglu Silicone grip

    The World's first Silicone grip GK glove. Inspired by American Football and insane one-handed catches in the NFL. A grip like no other in dry conditions.  

    View gloveglu Dry SKINN
    gloveglu Bare Skinn

    gloveglu ANTIgrip

    A unique goalkeeper training tool. The neoprene palm offers NO grip on the ball. 

    Designed to develop your technique, finger strength and concentration during warm ups and training sessions. 

    View gloveglu Bare SKINN

    Choosing your palm type

    Glove Cuts

    hybrid cut

    Hybrid Cut

    Our Hybrid cut combines a wrap thumb, index finger and fingertips with negative fingers for claw like glove properties. 

    negative cut

    Negative Cut

    With the stiching and gussets inside the glove, the negative cut provides a much tighter and snug fit for excellent ball control.

    roll finger cut

    Roll Finger

    Since the backhand is connected to the palm there are no gussets (and thus on the roll finger cut you are unable to personalise gussets).The latex wraps around the fingers for comfort but the fit is "looser" then negative or hybrid.

    Take the glove quiz

    gloveglu glove quiz

    Glove Quiz

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    Answer 4 quick questions and we'll provide you with the gloves that suit your needs!

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